VR Beta Available!

VR Beta Available!

You might have noticed a small patch today, well it added the very first VR beta of 0°N 0°W!

This beta release is a fully explorable build of the Neon World for you to get lost in! It is intended for a seated experience with keyboard and mouse or controller and should support all OpenVR headsets. You can most certainly stand up and do some roomscale wandering but just remember to return to your marked center point to continue exploring.

To access the beta navigate to the game's installation directory where you will notice a new folder named "VR", run the "0N0WVR.exe" located within to start the experience. Make sure you have all the dedicated hardware plugged in, recognized and SteamVR running properly before starting the application!



  • This is the very first beta, as such there are a couple of differences between this world and the one found on the standard windows release. This will all be reconciled shortly.

  • There is no menu functionality yet as the menu system is currently being reworked to support VR. To quit the experience access the steam VR menu with your wand/controller and select exit or just press ctrl+alt+delete.

  • Doors and world's edge transitions are currently disabled, so please refrain from jumping into the void as you will endlessly fall :)

  • This is an ongoing development process so you might encounter multiple bugs! Please post about this in the dedicated Virtual Reality discussion group in the community hub. Any feedback is greatly appreciated and welcome :)

  • Steam did not review the VR DLC in time for today's release so this will be the only time that the VR is included with the standalone edition, future patches and development will be part of the optional DLC.


The Soundtrack is now available as a free DLC!


It is a nice collection of songs from this surreal exploration adventure totalling at 19 tracks with a runtime length of almost 3 hours! Some careful selecting had to be done as the full ensemble is over 7 hours of continous audio so if there is a particular soundscape you would like to see included do not hesitate to ask for it in the community hub :)

Well that is all for today, enjoy the interdimensional wanderings in VR and hope the soundtrack improves your daily activities! All the best,

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