0°N 0°W Patch 4

0°N 0°W Patch 4

Update 1.4, Changes and Fixes:


  • Added Features/Flora/Fauna to almost 60% of the game (more to come!).

  • Added 3 new dimensions, can you find them?

  • Fixed Alt-Tab issue on multi-screen situations.

  • Fixed memory leaks on three dimensions.

  • Fixed bug where Intro movie in ultra widescreen was showing the skybox.

  • Fixed rare bug where gravity of a dimension would transfer to other dimensions.

  • Fixed inability to run/sprint in one dimension.

  • Fixed rare bug where player would fall into infinity on one dimension.

  • Added a timeout before a particular colorful cityscape dimension starts shifting everywhere to prevent player from getting stuck.

  • Increased distance view / field of vision on some dimensions.

  • Added even more exit doors to tunnel maze in (!7`/ |2(_)!|\\|3|).

  • Optimized AI on multiple dimensions to increase performance.

  • Countless other small fixes and performance improvements everywhere!

  • Standalone VR alpha dlc is no longer bundled with the game and is now optional!




  • Adding more Features/Flora/Fauna to all dimensions.

  • More dimensions :)

  • The level selection menu is getting a visual/functional rehaul.

  • Hopefully full controller support and mouse invert/sensitivity control, this is proving more tricky than I thought.

Interview with TechRaptor

Interview with TechRaptor