0°N 0°W Patch 1

0°N 0°W Patch 1

Update 1.1, Changes and Fixes:


  • Cursor is now locked to window boundaries.

  • Adjusted Treble and Middle frequencies of Musicscape in (!7`/ 1 "|\\|30|\\|"

  • Changed Soundscape and Musicscape in |D!><3|_

  • Fixed bug in startup resolution window where Vsync and 8x MSAA would get enabled on 'Full Textures' Option.

  • Fixed rare bug enabling Player to climb atop car on small town and get stuck.

  • Fixed problem with the theater's 'surprise' where transition audio would activate prior to sequence.

  • Fixed rare instance where Player could get stuck on polyhedrons on |)(_)5|< (4|\\|`/0|\\|.

  • Fixed a troublesome door on (!7`/ 3 "|3|2!9|-|7".

  • Fixed rare bug preventing 'SPOILER' from activating upon discovering daytime small town.

  • Fixed Steam not starting up when attempting to start game with Steam closed.


Update Roadmap:

(In no particular order)

  • Expanded Mouse Controls (Inversion + Sensitivity).

  • Full Controller Support and integration with Steam's Big Screen.

  • Photo Mode.

  • Linux and OSx support.


Also in the works:

  • -VR Edition.

  • -Nintendo Switch and Consoles support (For this 0°N 0°W will need your support! The more the word spreads about this experience the more likely that they'll either approach or accept the submission).

0°N 0°W Patch 2

0°N 0°W Patch 2

0°N 0°W Released on Steam!

0°N 0°W Released on Steam!