New Gameplay Trailer!

Well hello there! We are now two weeks away from release and wanted to celebrate the occasion with a brand new gameplay teaser! Enjoy!


Release Date Announcement!

ScreenshotSaturday Showcase

End of the Year

New Teaser!

Hey fellow dimensional travelers! We have something a bit different today for you all, a live action trailer! It features a fellow voyager contemplating the majestic beauty of one good looking lake when all of a sudden, boom! A wormhole transports him to 0°N 0°W. It's weird, its different and we would love to hear your thoughts!



Hello Astronauts! We are hard at work on a series of really exciting announcements and of course  0°N 0°W! Release is imminent, palpable, unbearably close and yet distant, seemingly ethereal. So much time and effort has gone into this project that we are humbly amazed at everything we've done and our capacity to cruise control through this crunch period. Or rather this period of much crunchiness as bugs are being squashed by the thousand, its a regular DDT party ova here yo, bring ya friends! Jokes aside, stay tuned, next couple of months will be very busy!

Video interview from EGX

During EGX a menacing band of marauders armed with video cameras, sound booms, microphones and an ensemble of wires approached the booth; it was The Geek Show ! After playing 0°N 0°W they wanted an interview to make some sense out of this weird adventure. It being the third day of non stop socializing for our usually hermit like developer they probably left even more confused haha. But you be the judge of that and watch this amazing interview and preview.

Recap of EGX 2017

Hello fellow dream wanderers! We've made a short cryptic video from our time at EGX 2017. We were really excited to see people play 0°N 0°W and hear their reactions. We were, however, so busy talking with players that we completely forgot to record a cool interview/reaction montage so this video is mostly just people playing and a brief walkabout through EGX.

Video interview from EGX

Bear vs. Grenade stopped by the booth during EGX for a video interview, and boy was our developer nervous, it was his first video programming interview so please excuse his manic intensity (at the 5:00 minute mark).

0°N 0°W at EGX 2017


0°N 0°W was part of 2017's EGX in Birmingham, UK. Over a thousand players stopped by to experience the first public unveiling of 0°N 0°W at the Rezzed Zone. The four day expo was an amazing time full of laughs, wows and very tired legs haha. Photos below!

New Video out!

Hey all! It's been a bit since we showed more moving awesomeness from 0°N 0°W so here's a new trailer that highlights a walkabout through one of the many dimensions of this mysterious reality. The narrated poem, which we thought evoked the oneiric feeling of wandering this land, is by Stephen Vincent Benét (1898-1943) and it's called "In a Glass of Water Before Retiring".

0°N 0°W on Steam

It took many years after being Greenlit for this to happen, but 0°N 0°W has finally entered the halls of Steam! Our brand new Steam Store Page is live and ready for wishlisting!!! So what are you waiting for? Go click that button!

Teaser Trailer is out!

Hello all! We're proud to announce 0°N 0°W, a surreal experience that'll take you through multiple dimensions full of bright colors and fantastical sights. But hey a video is worth a million words so here's our first teaser illustrating this weird and magical adventure:

0°N 0°W at CMANY

0°N 0°W was exhibited at the Children’s Museum of the Arts New York City (CMANY)’s Video Game Expo of 2016. It was a fantastic winter Saturday in which families got a chance to experience first hand the Neon City chapter of 0°N 0°W 's dream saga. We were a bit too busy explaining the controls and the experience to take many pictures but here's a couple: