Early Impression

"I don't know what or why the game kept me playing - maybe it was the ambiance music or the simple but smooth running mechanics - but I kept playing it"

-Frederik Becker

Frederik Becker stopped by the booth during EGX to play 0°N 0°W  and wrote a great article about the experience.

Interview Podcast from EGX

"So I sat down, I put the headphones on. I stared into the screen, and for a couple of minutes, all the stress, everything disappeared. It was lovely!"

Games Up Podcast joined us for an excellent interview and impressions on 0°N 0°W. Thanks for stopping by Cam, was great talking to you!

AMA, r/gaming

Hosting an AMA on r/gaming right now, my username is Oxam. Stop by to ask anything you want or just chat! Here's the link!


Interview with Colorfiction, EGX

"It's kinda luminescent, flourescent, electronic type colorful, ..... it looks amazing!"

The Geek Show stopped by the booth during EGX and recorded this amazing interview and hands on video of 0°N 0°W:

0°N 0°W at EGX 2017

0°N 0°W was shown at this years EGX expo at Birmingham, UK. Over a thousand gamers stopped by to play the game in its first public unveiling at the Rezzed Zone. The expo was held at Birmingham's NEC from September 21st to the 24th. It was an amazing time full of laughs, wows and very tired legs haha.

0°N 0°W on Steam

0°N 0°W 's Steam page is finally live and ready for wish-listing!! We are having a closed beta test this year if you are interested in participating use the contact form in this site's menu and write "Closed Beta" as the subject form.

0°N 0°W at CMANY

0°N 0°W was exhibited at the Children’s Museum of the Arts New York City (CMANY)’s Video Game Expo of 2016. It was a fantastic winter Saturday in which families got a chance to experience first hand the Neon City chapter of 0°N 0°W 's dream saga.