A five minute voyage at sea in search of the sunset

by Colorfiction



Game name: Becalm

Developer: Colorfiction

Release Date: January 17, 2019

Platforms: Windows, OSX & Linux

Storepages: , Steam

Specs: 2GHZ+ CPU, 4GB RAM, 6GB HDD, DirectX 11

Game Website:

Developer Website:

Contact & Social Media: Email, Twitter


Becalm is a relaxing experience where you drift in a sailboat through magical waters. This is a special boat, you won't have to steer, worry about logistics, capsizing or pirates. In this trip the goal is to relax and... becalm!

  • A five minute journey.

  • Bright and dreamy watercolor aesthetics.

  • An awesome synthesizer ensemble cascading through field recorded soundscapes.

  • Every time you play it selects a different journey.

  • 3 destinations (more to come).

  • Endless mode, so you can leave it running in the background while working or relaxing.




"It’s a game about taking five minutes to yourself and providing a calm port in the turbulent storm that are our lives" Recommends

"Just beautiful." -Jupiter Hadley, Big Boss Battle.

"Sail the cosmically coloured waters, take in the sights and the sounds." - Kat Brewster, Rock Paper Shotgun.

"I felt nostalgic for a place I had never visited, a deep longing for an experience I had never had. I felt at home in something completely unfamiliar"  -Natalie Watson, Vice.

"Everyone would benefit from five minutes of gentle drifting. Sometimes you don’t need a destination" - Alex Baldwin, Cultured Vultures.

Exhibited in:

2019 - Leftfield Collection, EGX Rezzed.

2019 - Feral Vector.

2019 - BitBash.



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About developer:

Colorfiction is a video game developer that enjoys the interstitial zone between art and technology via the creation of videogames. Their work has been showcased with the Indie Megabooth, Leftfield Collection and Zium Museum among other selections and featured in Vice, PC Gamer, Venture Beat, etc.

The studio was founded on 2014 and their award winning debut title 0°N 0°W was released on March 1, 2018. It has since gathered critical acclaim by players and press alike, and described as “Visually arresting” -Venture Beat, a “Sensory onslaught” -PC Gamer, and the “Perfect vacation” -Hardcore Gamer.

Releases include; Nightline, a relaxing meditation on late night commutes; The Sands of Voltark, an interactive adventure through an otherworldly planet; and Becalm, a serene aquatic journey.



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