Becalm is a short 5 minute meditative experience where you drift in a sailboat through magical waters. This is a special boat, you won't have to steer, worry about logistics, capsizing or pirates. In this trip the goal is to relax and... becalm!

Special thanks to Eric Lorenz (@escarbanzo) for recording many of the ocean soundscapes!

"I felt nostalgic for a place I had never visited, a deep longing for an experience I had never had. I felt at home in something completely unfamiliar" -Natalie Watson, Vice.

"Just beautiful." -Jupiter Hadley, Big Boss Battle.

"Sail the cosmically coloured waters, take in the sights and the sounds." - Kat Brewster, Rock Paper Shotgun.

"It’s nice to sit back and relax"- Nevyn, Indie Bytes.



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