Colorfiction is a video game developer that enjoys investigating the interstitial zone between art and technology via the creation of audio visual software.


Award winning debut title 0°N 0°W was released on March 1, 2018, and has since gathered critical acclaim by players and press alike. It’s been described as "Visually arresting" -Venture Beat, a "Sensory onslaught" -PC Gamer, and the "Perfect vacation" -Hardcore Gamer.


Colorfiction is currently working on 'Ode to a Moon', a magical realism tale investigating the mysterious aftermath of a grim harvest moon festival. Other releases include; 'Nightline', a relaxing meditation on late night commutes; 'The Sands of Voltark', an interactive adventure through an otherworldly planet; 'AGAIN', a platformer puzzler set in a polymorphic computer simulation, and ‘Becalm’, a serene aquatic rumination.