0°N 0°W, also known as ZeroNorthZeroWest or 0N0W, is a first person relaxing exploration game for Windows available now on Steam. It's an entirely non linear experience through multiple open worlds where everything you see is accessible. The focus is a meditative adventure apt for all ages with the sole objective of discovering beautiful environments. Additionally a randomized level progression system provides a different journey each time you play!

A cross country road trip strands you in a mysterious town lost amidst towering mesas and swaying dunes, will you beckon the glowing call of its lone storefront and embark on a fantastical multi dimensional walkabout through space and time? Experience a beautiful environment where nothing is what it seems, a spatial labyrinth where doors always lead to different destinations, an anomalous zone where mass gingerly defies gravity, a universe of inspiration & dreams: Experience 0°N 0°W.