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About 0°N 0°W - ZeroNorthZeroWest - 0N0W


About 0°N 0°W - ZeroNorthZeroWest - 0N0W

"There’s a peculiar hangover-like quality which fits with the sensory onslaught the game provides."


A Surreal Exploration Adventure of Visual Auditory Stimuli

A cross country road trip strands you in a mysterious town lost amidst towering mesas and swaying dunes, will you beckon the glowing call of its lone storefront and embark on a fantastical multi dimensional walkabout through space and time? Experience a beautiful environment where nothing is what it seems, a spatial labyrinth where doors always lead to different destinations, an anomalous zone where mass gingerly defies gravity, a universe of inspiration & dreams: Experience 0°N 0°W.

"I told myself two more doors and stayed for 10. I turned it off, walked away and came straight back"

-Cultured Vultures

"It's definitely got an air of genuine mystery that's hard to find in a video game these days"


"It's kinda luminescent, fluorescent, electronic type colorful, ..... it looks amazing!"

-The Geek SHow

0°N 0°W_Colorfiction_abanner.jpg

About 0°N 0°W - ZeroNorthZeroWest - 0N0W - Continued

About 0°N 0°W - ZeroNorthZeroWest - 0N0W - Continued

"You’ll encounter everything from beautiful neon Tron-like cityscapes to dark, rocky wildernesses.  0°N 0°W is truly unique in this aspect. I’ve never encountered such a concoction of landscapes"

-The Indie Game Website


0°N 0°W (ZeroNorthZeroWest - 0N0W) is a first person relaxing exploration game for Windows available now on Steam. It is gameplay distilled to its essence with the sole objective of exploring beautiful environments. It's an entirely non linear experience through multiple open world where everything you see is accessible. There is a randomized level progression system that provides a different journey each time you play! 0°N 0°W is also a peaceful adventure apt for all ages! Future plans include support for OSX, Linux and VR! Future plans include the Nintendo Switch, Consoles and iOS/Android support.

"A New Dimension of Inexplicable Color"

-hardcore gamer


"A reality-warping trip through a glitchcore, impossible environment the likes of which can only exist in videogames"



“A very cool environment and atmosphere to inhabit”



"0°N 0°W is going to be a visually spectacular. The environments are a riot of colours, lights, neon"

-Critical Hit

"It’s simply about exploring fantastical and colourful worlds"



Are you ready to escape reality?

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